The objectives behind MATRE project come in 4 main folds (research, teaching, knowledge triangle, & policy related objectives):

  1. To boost research environment & to promote research culture at MUBS/AIU Faculty of Economics & other LB/SY business faculties & institution. This will be realized by capacity building & creating networks with EU counterparts for exchanging know-how & good practices.
  2. To promote modernization of curricula & teaching skills & methods in the field of Business, Economics & Management at MUBS/AIU & other LB/SY faculties in accordance with the EU experience by organizing related training courses & seminars.
  3. To set & operate knowledge triangle (education, innovation, research) in LB/SY by engaging the Lebanese and Syrian business sector representatives in the project activities to facilitate the strategic linkage between research & industry current & future needs.
  4. To propose policies & regulations in order to improve the research & teaching environment in the field in LB/SY.