The deliverables of MATRE project are:
D1.1: Kick-off meeting at OL – Germany
D1.2: Report on business-research environment situation
D1.3: Seminar to present and discuss studies’ results
D1.4: List of training areas updated
D2.1: Centers recognized by Higher Education Councils
D2.2: Final preparation workshop at UA – Spain
D2.3: Centers established at MUBS/AIU
D2.4: Equip the centers with proper labs
D3.1: Centers’ activities presented to stakeholders
D3.2: Bonds and networks with LB/SY business & industries
D3.3: Know-how acquired on setting & running the centers
D4.1: Training contents ready & TOT accomplished
D4.2: Training courses undertaken at MUBS/AIU
D5.1: Reviewing the contents of the curricula
D5.2: Curricula development report
D6.1: Project materials package
D6.2: Book on research methodologies
D6.3: Conference booklet
D6.4: Core of LB/SY business databases
D6.5: A basis for a specialized academic journal
D6.6: Regular industry reports
D6.7: A record of local companies’ financial information
D6.8: Teaching materials developed from business cases
D7.1: Project homepage development and maintenance
D7.2: Follow-up seminars and Open Info Days
D7.3: International conference organization at LU-LB
D8.1: National policy papers on the HE
D9.1: Sustainability plan
D10.1: Quality control system
D11.1: Steering committee meetings
D11.2: Other management and administrative outcomes
D11.3: Consulting EU experts and national TEMPUS offices